Sunday, April 23, 2006

Whatever we are waiting for … will surely come to us, but only when we are ready to receive it

Looking back … there were a lot of things that happened when I really didn't expect.
I had them not exactly as objectives but as steps that I was planning to take, started going through some obstacles, tried to hold on … started to think it's not going to happen, thinking od alternative even if I don't like them but trying to surrender to the easy and available, realize how important my original plan was, feel its importance try again and pray … then BINGO, mission achieved :)
College, work, working at a Multinational, …working at the Marketing department.
I understand that there are way bigger and more important achievements. But the concept is the same. Anything happens if you really want it!
If it works with smaller dreams, it will with bigger ones.
The idea of living a fairy tale isn't realistic for one reason. We make it unrealistic …not because dreams don't come true. Or what we want is hard to be realized but because we don't believe it can happen, why don’t we try… and even when trying, yes there will be hardships and we will give things up but this is life … everyone has a share, being willing to take more of something will result in a shortage in another, we can't have it all.
So patience is required and keep visualizing how it means if we can make it.
I had a colleague who was so frustrated at work, he felt he is stuck and will never move from his place. All of a sudden he found an opening and he applied for it and got accepted. The offer was much better in terms of position, money and privileges.
I went to congratulate him, and to my surprise I thought I was happier than he is. I asked why you aren't happy. He said "I am afraid"… , I couldn't help asking "of what" , his answer was really strange, I will go and have the medical check up tomorrow what if I have virus C. it doesn't have any symptoms…. I told him you know what, it is not what you are afraid of . you are afraid to be happy and live the moment. He said yes I am afraid to be happy, and I can't help it. I am anticipating that something will go wrong so that when it does it won't be hard. So I went like ,,, let's assume that something will go wrong, how long will it last ? definitely not forever, so if you will have a problem that will last a month and before it happens you are worried and don't stop thinking about how bad can it be, you are just increasing the duration, so you will be feeling bad for two months instead of one… he laughed and said "Qadar Allah wa ma sha2 fa3al". what a relief ! ,if only we can have it in our minds all the time.
Another thing is that when you get what you want, the problems and hinders won't stop. In reality, life goes on. We won't be seeing "The End" written when the best part is realized. There is no guarantee that will live happily ever after but they sure will live and that's a bless.
Allah is capable of doing anything, bearing in mind that everything is under the control of god, how can't we expect to get what we want as long as it is good.


  • At 12:13 PM, Blogger a h m a d said…

    I like your optimistic attitude writing this post; but what I am coming to realize is your understanding of the human nature. Reading about your friend how he anticipate "that something will go wrong so that when it does it won't be hard." That's exactly how I learned to see things while I was in college, damn it! I am not sure that I can consider this as bad; but it sure prevents me from feeling happy without burdens!

  • At 3:06 PM, Blogger Nesrina said…

    Many thanks Ahmad, that's the way life is, good times and bad times. and we are supposed to live.
    some people tend to live and experience the bad times and never come out of their shadow. and others who choose and try real hard to make the most out of the good ones. who knows may be their good memories help them passing the hardships and problems and get them to know that there will be light at the end of the tunnel.and believe me these kind of people feel stronger that they know they had problems and they got over them so they are not afraid of bad times anymore they just can beat it and call it experience.

  • At 3:36 PM, Blogger new kid in the block said…

    you never let me down MIB you are wise my dear so keep it up dont let days change you any way I agree with you life has its cycles and nothing lasts for ever bad or good moments each has it is time and we all have to have our share of good and bad moments and what is important is to learn how to enjoy the good ones and even how to react to the bad ones it is all part of being alive all part of being human how can we enjoy good moments if we werent hurt by the bad ones. enjoy your good times believe that when bad time are here that means that good ones are to follow.remember everything has its bright side :))

  • At 3:50 PM, Blogger Nesrina said…

    I can't thank you enough for your supportive and kind comments.
    Many thanks dear.


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