Sunday, December 31, 2006

I am Tagged !

My dear friend Blue has tagged me, I am very thankful for her for so many reasons:

First her sweet words and I do hope to meet her soon as well, her tag and most of all her maturity and support when I needed it.

So here are my answers:

Something to achieve next year:
It's not an achievement, I can say it's a wish …
Will keep it a secret though, Blue: yes you know it :)

Something impacted me last year:
Major thing was leaving my previous job and joining the bank, I am not very happy there but I have a feeling that it will turn out to be a good thing.

One thing I enjoyed in the group:
The talks and chats on the chat room, the new few dear friends.

What I'll miss about 2006:
Being 28 :)

I would like to tag my friends in the sidebar, if they would like to.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Insignificant thoughts (7)

Felt like having a lot to say but couldn't concentrate and put together all the bits and peices into one post , so here it comes again ...

1- What would really make you feel satisfied… having everything or giving everything… I believe GIVING, having everything isn’t possible anyway.

2- Love can be purchased when the price you pay is love and sacrifice.

3- We are well equipped sophisticated master piece creatures, if only we know how to deal with that… ironically the instruction and manuals were provided but we revolted against them and decided to go on our own.

4- May be what seemed wrong with one person, would be the right thing to do with another.

5- They say “Time heals everything” … but how would you bear the time you spend waiting to be healed.

6- Arrogant and snobbish people do hurt other’s feeling even by just showing up.

7- Some people don’t know how to enjoy the moment; they knew how wonderful it was when it becomes past. They have great memories but they never lived a good day… imagine !

8- At work the most brutal task you can be given is when your boss harms someone, delegates you to represent his ugly face and see its reflection on that person.

9- So he is capable of saying what should and shouldn’t be done, he is not doing it though… seems his mouth works independently from his ears and mind, I expected to hear at the end of the sentence “………………………………, this is a recorded message”.

10- Forgiving is possible, forgetting isn’t.

11- Don’t look for a pattern, people are different.

12- I am kind of lost, keep asking myself “ Is that the right way “ I am sure it isn’t but I know I came across it truly by mistake but for a good reason.
“Right things sometimes happen in the wrong places”.