Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wish I was wrong !!!


How ironic … I am listening to this song "Hero" right now when I am actually planning to write about the very opposite.

Here is a question/s "Where are all the good people, Where have they gone, Aren't there any ethics left, why don't the bad people realize how BAD they are …"

I can only relate all the sad news that I have heard or experienced to the previous questions.

Didn't go to work today, couldn't wake up early then I finally got up at 11, realized that I have slept for more than ten hours and I was willing to continue sleeping.

It's a good place to hide in and stop thinking. Stop winning about all the good people that I have known and all these weird and bad people that now are taking over everywhere and endure the pain of having to deal with them and saying that we are not in heaven, there are good ones and bad ones and all I can do is just keep a distance to be safe, giving chances wishing that I could be wrong about them,,,, still hoping!

There are no heroes; they only exist in fairy tales. What I used to believe is that a person should do his best to be a better one, try to find out what is he missing ,,, search for the beauty and light inside and embrace it.

Every one of us is created to make a difference, there is a plan for each one .
Even if his/ her existence is meant to influence just one person … it's a great honor.

I am not a pessimistic person, I know there are still beautiful people but it's a pity that those bad ones couldn't look after the good seed inside them and it just ….DIED.
So now they are scary heartless ghosts living among us that we have to either deal with the way they should be treated or just pray for a miracle.



  • At 3:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What striked me in that post is that I thought you aren't a judgmental person. You placed yourself on top and everyone you know has to follow your own footsteps. Not every person is given the opportunity to become a "good" person. It all depends on the environment you are brought in. That's why you cannot expect to be surrounded by "good" ppl all the time, it wouldn't be called Earth then!


  • At 4:05 AM, Blogger Nesrina said…

    I am not a judgmental person Alaa, but I don't think there is an excuse to be a bad person other that the willingness to be. you know what the problem is : in the absence of role models; people tend to compare themselves to the worse to develop a satisfactory image about themselves, and when they look up at the better ones, they do it in a negative way that it's accompanied by jealousy or the urge of proving they are not that good. it gets sometimes even worse that they try to destroy or corrupt them.
    there are things that aren't granted in life they have to be acquired. and yeah ...that's why it's called earth my friend.


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