Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Phone

Dear ...

My friends are mad at me because I turn my cell phone off in the weekend.

I have just hung up with one of the sales people who was trying to offer his products.
We get these kind of calls ALL THE TIME…. It’s nerve wracking, when you are stressed, the To Do list is full of stuff and then the phone rang and you find yourself talking for half an hour saying the same things and trying to wrap up but you can’t.
I do respect the fact that it’s someone’s job to do that, and they are getting paid for it but they don’t even listen, most of the time I don’t get the chance to tell them that I am not the right person to contact.

Another type of phone calls, the CEO calls , it’s the worst …. He always calls when:
1- He wants to ask about my boss.
2- He wants to ruin my day and say things like “ you have to learn how to send an email …’ the occasion was that I sent him a report and it’s size was a little big, so he decided that I have to learn how to send an email !!!!

The business calls in the weekend too make me really nervous, as it could lead to go to the office, do something and may be it’s not me who had to do it but I get to do it because I committed the crime of answering the phone.

As for my friends, I used to be a good listener but I am a human being sometimes I have problems just like them and sometimes I am not in a mood. But no they keep chasing me on the cell phone and the land line as if it’s my job. While I know when I need to talk … everyone gets busy.

So, it really feels so wonderful to turn off my cell phone, eliminate the distraction and live in PEACE.



  • At 2:24 AM, Blogger Me said…


    I think it's your right to turn your cell phone on or off whenever you wish...
    but there's something I don't really get about having to go to work on weekends if they call you ... I can understand working from home on weekends but "going to the office" ... that's a BIG "No no" ...I think all of you should deliver this message to your boss loud and clear... Rabena m3akom

    As for your friends... don't get mad at them for not listening sometimes... I don't think they mean to be "mean" ... maybe it's just pure luck that they're busy when you need them... it happens ... but if that's "always" the case ... then maybe you need to talk to them about it ...

    Then again... Rabena is the best listener... talk to Him whenever and wherever :-)

  • At 2:15 AM, Blogger Nesrina said…

    Dear Me,
    One of the problems I have at work, is that when I think I shouldn't be going to the office in weekends I say it. but other have their way of not coming without saying it blunt (politics).
    So at the end of the day, I do the work and be the bad girl who resisted and not committed (believe it or not).
    As for my friends, I know it's not intentional and I found out that it’s ok to just turn my phone off to deliver the message I can’t really listen/ talk now.
    Allah is Samee3 I know and I do ask for A LOT and will always do that.


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