Saturday, January 14, 2006

Back to work!


It's the last night of my vacation, the past week literally flew.
I had a very nice time, enjoyed all of it, things were not pretty much as they were planned to be, but still satisfactory.

Two strange things happened, first: I wasn't that responsive to what was going on, I felt like I was watching rather than living and participating but that was comforting.
Secondly, I was having a lot of plans and I just cancelled two of them, honestly I didn't have good reasons to call them off.
I enjoyed the prayer very much, I love the eid prayer … it makes me happy.

The big problem is … I have to go to work tomorrow; it's not that I don't like my job but I feel I am still not ready. We have a business review on the 29th and I have a LOT to do, plus the regular tasks and the monthly reports.

Remember when we were young and we used to pretend that we are sick if there is an exam or something that we are afraid of … I won't need to pretend and yet still I will have to go to work even though I am really sick.

Yes just today I woke up and wasn't feeling well, there is something wrong with my throat but just ignored the feeling, I don't catch cold very frequently so I thought I will get better, but actually things got worse, my temperature has risen… It's flu!

Normally, after a long vacation I used to be excited to go to work, think of something nice to wear. Then go the next day and enjoy the first half an hour, sometimes an hour of socialization, fun and coffee, then back to work.

Just hope to have a good and motivating start tomorrow.



  • At 9:57 PM, Blogger PsychicWizdom said…

    Nesreen, hope you feel better soon. It'll take sometime and go, but you can soothe it with fluids. Take good care.

    First day at work after long vacation... hmm, doesn't turn out good to me most of the times. I remember when I got back from my last vacation, (which was a week), I found out that I forgot my logging password :) You wouldn't believe me if I told you that I forgot how to check my voicemail too.

  • At 12:59 AM, Blogger Rain said…

    Dear Neri,
    First of all , alf salama 3leeky , hope u feel better soon, take care of urself and rest a lot.

    And you know what, I actually wanted to go to work after staying at a whole week vacation but not because I like my work , it's more of wanting to change the routine but I forgot that I'll get stuck with a more boring routine , this job is not for me's killing my soul , I feel I'm losing myself in it.. but at the same time I'm not sure where to find the job that I'm keeping it till reaching any clue.

    I used to have a reason to go to work everyday , but not anymore..and the social life here is very odd , I don't want to strengthen the ties cause i'm convincing myself it's a temporary situation and i'm going to leave so there's no use of involving with others..i don't like feeling like a stranger either , but that's what I'm doing.

  • At 5:17 AM, Blogger Nesrina said…

    It's not hard to believe you forgot how to check your voice messages. after a long vacation I sometimes forget my colleagues names ... :) very embarrassing.
    Thanks, will try the fluids.

    Allah yesalemek, can't rest because of the review :( but isA it will get better.
    I felt just the way you did about my job and I thought about changing my career and I still am.
    the expression "Killing my soul" best describes dealing with the very materialistic aspects and trying to deal with it while deep down you are not the kind of person who can handle it.
    I thought about teaching, for me it’s a humanistic job but it’s now a bit hard to turn back and start over. May be someday I will have the strength to take this step.
    Hope you will find what you will be emotionally and morally rewarded while doing and take the step because believe me the sooner the better.

  • At 6:37 AM, Blogger Rain said…

    Dear Nesrina,

    Thanks for ur wishes , wish you have the best life [career and personal] :) .

    The thing is , I'm too scared to take any serious steps , questions like "what if the change I want won't make me happy either? ", I'm not brave enought to take the chance i'm not sure of my real desires, I'm scared it's just a mood and if I went where the mood drives me it'll be the wrong direction..maybe cause I'm still lost and searching for the place where I belong.

    I figured sth out , it's either trying to adapt and wait till I reach a high position in the current job and then I'll feel satisfied that I did my best and so I can find a whole new career in my late 40 :D , or I'll make a new start from now..and I guess I'm the type who'll take the first way .

  • At 11:48 AM, Blogger Nesrina said…

    Ya Rain,
    Thank u too for your wish, honestly, I am the last person to talk about being brave and take risks in order to achieve an objective, although I have great strength to hold on very tightly to what I have in my hands... that's a contradiction!
    You reminded me of myself, but don't do like I did ... I have been waiting till things come to me. yes part of it was tawakol 3ala Allah. But the other part was because of my indecisiveness that came from being indifferent to the options I had that time, and the frustration that the only thing I was certain about ... wasn't among these options.
    Dear Rain, It's like constructing a building … be sure that's what you want to build because in all cases, time and effort will be exerted so don't waste them establishing something insignificant, as the more it develops and gets higher, the more difficult it becomes to choose between devastate what you have done as it's not rewarding for you or leave it unfinished and start all over again or on the other hand to continue and get the unsatisfactory construction.

    We really have to leave our comfort zones and MOVE … :)

  • At 10:19 AM, Blogger Nightlegend said…

    I hope that you are feeling much better by now ,I have experienced similar feelings today when going to work after two days vacation ,but gradually I entered the work's atmosphere.

    I don't know though why you have cancelled the Alexandria trip you were planning ,hope that you can do it soon.

  • At 11:29 AM, Blogger Nesrina said…

    Thanks Night, actually the past two days were very hectic and I didn't go to work today since my cold got worse, couldn't talk or even breath :) may be because I didn't rest or I don't know why.
    The original plan to go to the beautiful alex has been changed to 3ain el So7'na and they were both cancelled (contradiction in family/friends plans).

  • At 1:01 PM, Blogger Nightlegend said…

    I am very very sorry to hear about your cold ,please try to take a good rest and have your medicines.

    Please tamenina 3aleki

  • At 11:13 PM, Blogger Rain said…

    Hey Neri,
    How's ur cold now??

  • At 2:11 AM, Blogger Nesrina said…

    Thanks a million Nightlegend and Rain,
    I am better Al7amdoLellah. I didn't go to work yesterday so the two days I rested paid off :)although I was working from home.
    Appreciated your concern friends.


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