Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Success Stories

Seems we Egyptians do lack the know how of making a difference but we are pioneers in complaining.

The dark picture needs to be lightened with some success stories I know they exist, but for some weird reasons are kept unleashed.
We need encouragement, I love my country and the people of my country, just want to show the positivity hidden and boost it.

Here is my tag if anyone is interested, please publish your own experience in conducting or participating in a project here in Egypt or outside it to make us believe that things can get better and prove that the individual efforts can make a difference and become a campaign.

Note: no heroic stories are required, even paying a visit to an orphanage helps.
Need some insights.

Here in Arabic شوية إيجابية


  • At 1:53 AM, Blogger ahmad hussameldin said…

    read your post,and asking us to write about cheerful side in our lives i dont know,but that sounds for me like you need us to lie.
    talking about there is no gooodness at all,ofcourse thatis nonsense,but talking about goodness became so minor and rare compared to the evil i guess thatis the eye of the truth,about our role other than complaining i guess
    itis still minor as lonog as we limit it within the orphanes or these things though they are great deeds,,but thisisnot whatis gonna awaken the dying nation of us or change much, i dont know but if we shall do somehting for areal change it should be....idont even know what it should be,,
    i just thought of writing about how do corruption in such acountry makes you not only frustarted when u feel that someone taking your rights because he has acorruption or so,but it also can make you think and hesitate one thousand times before you think of making something merely for goodness, then you are not expecting those who will thank you,
    but aslo you are not expecting that you may be harmed due to the goodness you may have made, i give example here with the blood issue provoked n egypt over the past month,,and how did it make the ppl so confused that they may get infection through the procees of donation,,and made them think one thousand times before giving thier blood ,,as they know that corruption also interferes here to introduce the donated blood for ministre's relatives who may not critically need it "stable cases" and neglect those who may urgently need it like in accident car or so ,, i was one of those who thought that way ,,when my friend asked my opinion about the blood donation issue, he told me" ela3mal belneyat" allah gives you bless according to your intentions not deeds,, i said why would i go donate my blood in acorrupt health system and i expose myself that i may catch hepatitis virus or anything,, after 4 days it happened and i had to undergo aminor operation with local anesthesia,, but i unexpectedly bled heavily,,and it was like it doesnot want to stop bleeding,,me and the doctor started to worry, and after 2 hours my condition was stable,, but i guess passing through this experience i ought to give my opinion about blood donation asecond thought,
    ofcourse there are good ppl and good deeds here and there,,though corruption may sound to prevail.

    i thought of telling some good stories as encouragement for others to imitate and still see a ray of light,,but here i would rather mentioning hadith he pophet muhamad pbuh said
    " layazalo alkhayaro fi omati ela yawemi edeen"

  • At 8:51 PM, Blogger Emory said…

    I am not sure how Zahi Hawass is looked upon within Egypt, but from an outsiders point of view, he is much respected and an a true Egyptian asset.

    His love of antiquities shows in his enthusiasm, and dedication. He has been a stabilizing force for good in bringing to light, not only ancient human culture, but to the seedy modern world of black market profiteering.

    He is constantly working for the return of Egyptian property, from other nations, and does so in a non-combative way. Never allowing Geo-Politics to get in the way of reasoned argument, he is consitant in his approach. He also treats Egyptian culture as world culture, and in his enthusiasm makes the all the people of world Egyptian.

    You have done an OUTSTANDING job of preservation. Your culture is not only intact, but is being protected for the generations that will follow. Much to be proud of I think.


    I don't think Egyptian corruption is unlike other. It may be deeper than in the US, but we do have corruption here as well. I think that the Egyptian people aslo understand and speak out against this corruption. This awareness and speaking out is also something which you can be proud. You know it is bad and want it stopped. Other countries (Mexico) is renowned for it's corruption, and their people just accept it!

    and.... some of your Modern Achitecture is awesome! It is not like you are living in the distant past... your new Architecture reveals a thoroughly modern and forward thinking people.

    Not sure why you are down on yourselves...... are you?

  • At 4:26 PM, Blogger Hechkok said…

    I wished I could be with you but I have no comment for this post.

  • At 11:39 PM, Blogger Nesrina said…

    Dear All,
    The whole point was to look at the positive sides and enhance them.

  • At 1:01 AM, Blogger Fadfadation said…

    "pioneers in complaining"

    tesada2y i was thinking of that a while ago.
    We do complain a lot. Seems even i do :(

    daa fy damena ba2a!
    I guess it's a way of letting heat out.

  • At 1:06 AM, Anonymous nesrina said…

    Yes we are pioneers :D, me too I complain but what did I do? nothing so that's negativity and we should be aware of it and try to change it.


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