Sunday, January 07, 2007


There are key milestones in everyone's life, … specific incidents, events, accidents and sometimes miracles.
But haven't you ever stopped and wondered about their perfection, that set of well designed steps occurring one after the other in a particular timing and order with people selectively involved or may be not, things that wouldn't normally happen and would never happen again …all are leading to just one thing.

It is god's plan that no one can interfere in, allow or prevent any of it … and yet the choices are always available and so are directions.
The directions are the boundaries that we are living within, … the boundaries that get broader and wider as we get older, see more, read more, with experience, education, …

And there are also SIGNS, that aren't tangible, very relative and controversial too.
To be frank, I think there are signs.
Explaining them using logic … if you agree with me that certain incidents do occur based on a series of actions or steps. Then seeing one of them and anticipating the another would get you close. It's again subject to one's experience may be or forecasting.

Within the spiritual range there comes intuition; having a bad feeling about something or someone and without even figuring out why and then you discover you were right.
Another aspect, seeing things in one's dreams before they actually happen. (called in Islam Ro2ya "vision")

However, getting drifted after the signs may sometimes create illusions, just like thirst can make you go after a mirage, the anxiety and the need to find a direction creates fake signs.
The worst part is when they are used as excuses, "I can't go to work, I have that strange feeling …. " signs and fate do work in parallel, so there are nothing to run away from.

Signs are signs, you are going fishing, you prepare yourself, go have a look at the weather's forecast and sea condition (these are the two indicators "signs"), if they are okay, go ahead… it's not a guarantee that things will go well but you are jeopardizing your safety ignoring them.


  • At 2:11 PM, Anonymous nousha said…

    I can totally relate to what u r saying. Any decision a man makes mainly depend on the 'signs' or things that go through his day and which leave an impact on him (this might be a friend's opinion, ads, advice,,,whatever).
    It reminds me of Paulo Coelho's the Alchemist.

  • At 1:27 AM, Blogger Hechkok said…

    visions and signs, I am sure these things are made for us to go in a specific way and a specific direction like guide lights in order not to go to a wrong direction or turn.

  • At 10:31 PM, Blogger Nesrina said…

    I loved "The Alchemist" and I believe I am under its spell :D
    It's true, why do signs exist if they have no significance, there must be a reason.

    Exactly, there are guides. some people follow them and some other don't believe in and subsequently they ignore 'em.

  • At 2:12 PM, Blogger emlino said…

    It can't be denied that there are signs all over our life.
    I don't agree with you when you say that no one can interfere is such plans... or at least we are not obliged to see them, or to follow them (if so, the world wouldn't be a mess as we know). He made us free, so I think that it is exactly the opposite... It is Him who wants to "interfere" in our life, like a Famous Painter that wants to teach someone to paint, how can someone express himself with his brush, with tint... the way that he wants to give to his freedom that God had given to. So I guess that the most important is to have the eyes open wide to read those signs that God (the Teacher) paint in our life sky as examples (signs) of a beautiful performance of colours, light contrasts.... We must be open, not only the eyes, but also with our heart to understand those signs and to set them into the expression that we want to give to our living day painting... They show a way that we can follow, if we want, and as long as we believe in that Way, we will understand more and more our sense of life and learn to ear, to see, the God's presence in our lives.
    One word that it is present very much in my head in the last times is enlightment. When YOU find an interior peace, your steps become natural and aligned with everything around you. It's like a Yin Yang in your walking... signs don't go after you and you don't go after them... but they really exist and they really are present to keep you tuned with yourself, with others, with things... and trough them, with God. Being enleightened can help you to discover the signs, flashing like stars, upon your sight. :)


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