Friday, January 12, 2007

Veiled = Rejected !

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  • At 2:47 PM, Anonymous nousha said…

    i am veiled too, and i totally understand what u mean, i am sorry that u had troubles at work due to ur veil (i didn't face it till now, except for considering el khargeya). I have other issues regarding the veil with my family , but more related to finding a good suitor,,,,
    Anyway, my real issue is with traveling abroad, i really want to see the world, but would hate the suspicious looks from foreigners :-(

  • At 2:49 PM, Blogger Princess said…

    Hold on girl. You are on the right track but you are being tested :) Begad hold on :)

  • At 4:29 PM, Blogger Tarek said…

    Idiots are everywhere, just ignore them, and believe me they are the losers not you.

  • At 12:10 AM, Blogger Fadfadation said…

    It is a fact and a pitty that people reject veiled women appling for jobs.

    It is obviously discrimination!
    The problem is that these same people who reject Hijab are the ones who keep preaching people about democracy, freedom to do what you want...bla bla bla...

    If there was a way for you to prove that the job interviewer rejected you becuase of your veil, you can sue them!
    Actually, The National Human Rights commity can help...

    Madaam bee terdi Rabek...wala yehemek!

  • At 4:51 PM, Blogger Jannah said…

    "Madam bee terdy Rabbek... wala yehemmek!" Well said fadfadation.

    It's the Jihad that the believers have been through since the beginning of time! I ask Allah to strengthen our faith, and grant us patience...

  • At 1:56 AM, Blogger Nesrina said…

    There are a lot of issues in that concern I know, not only work... but as u said finding a good suiter and working abroad.
    Thanks dear, god be with you and help u to get over ur issues with ue family.

    Begad thanks for your support :)

    I will ignore them... 7ader :)

    Yes it's descrimination.
    but it's a hidden kinda descrimination, they don't always declare it, not officially I mean.
    It's ironic as u said that people chanting democracy songs are the ones who denied others their rights :I
    "Madam bee terdy Rabbek... wala yehemmek!" ...very true, many thanks for ur sincere and very supportive words.

    I agree with u dear,faith has to be tested. god gives us all the strenght.

  • At 2:32 AM, Blogger Engy said…

    gntlwvmwAbout the rejected girl, it is the good for her, she win he loose, akeed kherha mesh in this place.

    About the rejecter, meno lelah and these matters are always repaid at least I believe so and this makes it better for me.

    Hey I wanna post about my hijab as well, I will imitate you, may I?

  • At 2:37 AM, Blogger Nesrina said…

    sa7 tab3an, definetly this place wasn't the best for her and may be god wanted something better for her.
    About posting about Hijab, please do... waiting to read it :)

  • At 12:33 AM, Blogger Hechkok said…

    You elaborated a big space for me, I just saw the Hijab problem from only one side and never imagined all these dificulties women face but who said that holding your beleives is an easy task for me it is always the chalenge I experience and try to win with life and I beleive it is always so , you fight people who don't really beleive , you fight people who aren't from your religion and you fight yourself and you are sure you are the winner in the end.

  • At 4:15 AM, Blogger Nesrina said…

    I am really curious, which side did you use to see from Hijab.
    And believe me I didn't elaborate enough :)


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