Friday, January 05, 2007


"One kind word can warm three winter months" A Japanese proverb.

I usually feel warm whenever my family or friends are around. A kind of warmth that makes me feel secure and satisfied.

Insensitivity hurts, cold looks or responses can freeze the world around you.
Leaving you trembling and shaking, looking for somewhere to hide and feel safe again.

Loneliness also makes you feel cold; even in mid July, even with people all around you.

There is no such thing as to care about some people and ignore the other. A caring tender heart can't be choosy, it's filled with warmth and feelings and it doesn't release them upon a request, it just radiates them wherever it goes.

Think about it what we will lose if we let go of the warmth we have inside us.
It's so simple, just be sincere and try to connect with everyone around, feel them, they might be cold as well and a simple word, a gentle look, a pat on the back, or even a smile can turn their winter into a wonderful colorful spring.

Is that so hard? Just think before you talk, do something special for someone without asking if he deserves it or not, listen and remember this world is not just about you, give chances and be forgiving, think of what you need and didn't get and try to make it up by giving someone else what you know he wanted. It's a cure for the soul and a relief for the heart. Be thankful and have faith and ask whoever you trust what do they see and you don't, view things from other angles and put yourself in others' shoes, say sorry, repent, try to be the good you the one you think you no longer are. … I wish I could do that too.


  • At 2:39 PM, Blogger Engy said…

    Beautiful post ya nesrina, so soft keda..If ppl do what you wish sweets, we will be in heaven and we are not in heaven..some do this and some not..some believes on what u r saying and some will smile on your words and simple's our life..just what I do not understand, what all will lost if they try, just try to be as you wish!!

    About the last post ba2a, I wanted to comment bas kan hayb2a comment gheles awy, me..taking about the age..would be kha2eeb..You know..oh, no, I won't start!!:)

  • At 1:47 AM, Blogger Hechkok said…

    you really described here what I want to do with my life , how I wanted to be and how I like to spend it.
    from 5 years I decided not to deal with people as they are and to be good with all people whatever they are.

  • At 12:24 PM, Blogger Nesrina said…

    Thanks ya 7abebty, that's what I wish simply to try...
    About the last post, your comment would never be gheles wala 7aga :), just say whatever you feel like saying ... I guess it's what we really suffer from, people and their judgemental opinion about age.

    Your decision is wonderful, hope I can do the same and hope everyone just be good because that's who he/she is not just be a reflection of the person he is dealing with.


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