Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The New Friend !

Dear ...
I can recall more than two incidents when I met someone for the first time and not only I thought he looks familiar but also as if I was expecting to see him… it is not that I like him/them it’s more of I thought I have seen him before … like this picture has existed in my mind and it was a matter of time to find out whom will be the person that this picture belongs to…
It's weird isn't it...
Anyways, that also happened to me when I started photography… I am not a professional photographer I am just an amateur and I haven't even got this urge to capture a moment or a view before…on the contrary, I experience a great difficulty going through my photos that were taken during college time, they make me see the friends that I thought I have … where we used to sit and hang out… , I no longer talk to anyone of them. All gone…that’s life anyway.
But it came to my surprise that the tool that can generate all those feelings and sad thoughts can also bring me happiness … one day I took my sister's camera and I began to discover and explore photography and that was how I got acquainted to my new friend.
And as the friends that I used to know were replaced with new ones and I am very grateful for that … the sad thoughts, insecurities and anxieties caused by my fear of losing anyone has been changed.
Sometimes you just need a little thing to change your whole perspective about everything.




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