Saturday, June 25, 2005

"I believe only what I can't see"...By Gustave Moreau

Dear ...

I have been thinking about a quote that says:

"I don't see things, I see through things"… by Edvard Munch

I don't know what did he mean and what were those things? I have always been seeing things differently and I have always been mystified by their impact on me and have never been able to figure out why, may be that's an answer…Seeing through things.

Everyone loves the greenery and trees but what do you really see when you deeply look at those trees… I see only one thing "longing", what are they missing I don't know I really feel them or is it just a reflection of some deepest thoughts and feelings that I am not even aware of…may be.

If so how can you explain to me why do the physical appearance and features of the people that we know become different after knowing them, I don't think that I still see any of the people that I used to know the way I did when I first met them.

I guess it makes a big difference to see a person with the eyes than to see with the heart, and even bigger difference to see what's inside his heart.

People are too busy and occupied with many things that they are not able to see through and feel their surroundings but if they do they will find answers to all the questions that they were asking themselves.

I can recall a lot of situations where I acted in a way that is completely the opposite of what I was feeling at that moment in order to veil my insecurities and anxieties or even my fears and weakness that I seemed very strong and confident in an attempt to defend the weak part that is hidden inside.. I believe I am not the only one.

Munch was an artist and he led a difficult life, I am not sure if that was the reason for him to "see through things" but what I am sure of that the eyes can never see as much as the heart can do.

See you,


  • At 3:03 PM, Blogger Norm Shaw said…


    This is a beautiful piece. Oddly enough, it was only through attempting to fully understand the physical world that I began to believe in things that I don't see. I studied Quantum Physics and found that the quest for material knowledge ultimately led me to spirituality. You are way ahead of the game...I like the quote and agree with your philosophy...I no longer see this world as real...I look forward to the true beauty that awaits us all and hope to meet you there.

    Best! Norm.


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