Thursday, June 30, 2005

May be…

The other day, I was in the office working on some pending stuff only thinking of how to take Thursday off, tired of work and frustrated because sometimes I feel that people are trying to take advantage of the sense of responsibility that I have and are not aware that the excessive burden given the emotional one arising mostly from their whole day complaints about almost anything while I may experience problems myself sometimes is not bearable.

I called a friend of mine to call off an outing that was supposed to take place that day because of some last minute excuses from another two girls.

And while I was talking on the phone I found a colleague who is working at the same department that I work at asking me about one of the new company's products I said …well I tried it but I didn't like it much, he made a face as if he didn't expect this answer so I said but you may be I am wrong , in an attempt to make what I said sounds ok then he said what about your sister, mother, father,… anybody. Look, I have an intention of giving this to you, I want you to have it …I said thank you, of course I want to try it again. The amazing thing that this gesture made me smile the rest of the day without knowing why, it didn't cost him anything but meant a lot to me.

It's pretty weird that sometimes when you are down and you think that there is no way out someone can change the world around you and transform the frown with his magic stick and make it a big smile.

Just because we see people around us seem to be fine it doesn't mean that they don't need a "Hello" ,or a phone call, or may be something less than that…

We all need a reason to do things, we need an objective or a motive to think or exert an effort but you will find no better reason than to make it for someone.

God created us and created other people that we are living with and it's a bless, no one can live alone, we do need people so we have to appreciate the gift and show it…

Just be sure there is someone out there waiting for you to help … so try to be there.



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