Thursday, December 08, 2005


Dear …
Yesterday, I had a very nice conversation with my ex-boss, we were talking about how calm he is all the time, how he doesn’t panic when he faces work problems and how can he prevent these problems from affecting his mood and personal life.
The reason why I was really interested in knowing his approach and how can he manage to be the person he is… was due to the problems that I had for the past two days.
He told me do you know why is there a day and night, I thought he is trying to tell me to relax or something, so I answered so we can calm down, relax and sleep ….
He interrupted this answer with “ to know that nothing remains the same, and that everything changes….” So that you know that the problem that you have no matter how long will it takes to solve it, eventually it will disappear and die and another one may emerge.
Another thing, which I do agree with big time, don’t get mad at anyone and let the disagreement create a distance between you because the longer the time the harder it is to eliminate this distance , we do need people so don’t lose them unless they are bad people, the step that will take you away from a friend will hurt you more than him because you will have to endure the pain of separation and regret.

He told me that we do have a privilege that most of us are not even aware of which is imagination, he said you can just sit back at any point of time, close your eyes and you live in a world of your choice with the dearest friends around you. It doesn’t cost you anything and there must be a reason that god has granted us this bless.
I myself am a very imaginative person, and I knew how exactly does it feel to live in this imaginary world. And it happens to me a lot that I go to sleep a little bit early so I have the chance to cheer myself up a little and think a happy thought .

This conversation has really relieved me a lot and I am feeling much better now, I thought what I had has been a mood swing but no I had some problems at work, and the girl from the agency was extremely mean to me but I don’t like to play the role of a victim and be gloomy, life goes on and happiness is a state of mind... I am an optimistic person and I shoud lift myself up because no body will till the trouble passes.



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