Sunday, November 27, 2005


Dear ...

When I was young I have always wanted to grow up, dreamt of waking up one day and find myself became an adult.
And when I finished high school and started to prepare my papers and forms for the college. I couldn’t really wait to see how my life is going to change in just one year after being a college student and meet those cool guys.
But what happened is that the year has passed and yes my life has changed, made friends , went out with them … but three more year have also flew.
And found that what I has wished for has come true… I am a grown up and I am about to graduate; the dream that I have waited for has come true but It’s about to end because unlike my friends I enjoyed being a student more than being eager to work… so the dream for me was coming to an end.
I tried to make the dream last a little longer … that’s what I thought back then, and I was in real denial that these beautiful days are about to be over.
I didn’t attend the graduation ceremony, didn’t attend the prom, then I heard that there will be courses that to be held at the college premise. And as it’s my only chance to continue going to the place that I loved, I was thrilled at first then I began to realize that the place is changing, the people I used to see are no longer there and some other people have invaded the place and took our seats and the friends I used to have … all gone, they began to work and some of them get married...
I told myself to get real, get myself a job and explore what my new life will going to be.
I had a very tough time trying to understand people and I was annoyed by the fact that they were all old, where did the people my age go ? I can’t deal with those people and they are treating me like a kid.
By the time I got used to this life and some more years have passed and I am not the youngest at work anymore…
And now I discovered that the time I spent waiting for my dream to come true has been the happiest for me…
And I believe that I haven’t been greedy enough and had many hopes and dreams, that’s would have made things much different…
I am not saying that waiting is the only thing I am willing to do to achieve my dreams … it goes without saying that we have to work for it but the dreams/hopes fuel you and get you where you want to be.
I have been asked lately .. where do I see myself in five years, couldn’t answer… because it was a friend who asked and didn’t want to lie, if I was in an interview I would have made something up and I know I can… but the only thing that came to my mind …couldn’t say it.
So I guess I have ran out of dreams and I am in a severe need of thinking of others.

Beginnings are scary. Endings are usually sad,but it's the middle that counts the most. " it’s a quote from Hope Floats Movie but it’s very true.



  • At 8:09 AM, Blogger Nightlegend said…

    You reminded me of a quote I like from a movie called (The Terminal) ,the quote says(Life Is Waiting) and I find that very true ,we are always waiting for something ,waiting to grow up ,waiting to be graduated ,waiting to get married and have children...etc ,life itself as a temporary station between something we don't know and somewhere we will go.

    It seems always that people come and go and only the places remains ,It's very poetic and sad at the same time.

    Congratulations on the new layout ,I like the backgournd ,it's very tempting to go to a dream place we all need to go ,I hope that this is a reflection of your mood being better & better insha2alh.

  • At 11:41 PM, Blogger Nesrina said…

    Very inspirational "life is waiting..".
    yes people do come and go but places do not always remain the same, sometimes they change too, and other times they are not just the same without the people who used to inhabit them...
    Glad you liked the new template, my blog to me is a place where I hide and write what I feel, what I want to say and has never had the chance to do ... so I wanted to choose a background that reflects how I imagine this hideaway to look like, and it suits the theme and my mood too.

    All the best


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