Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The perfect evening

Dear ...

I ran into a simple but interesting question in a book called “The book of questions” , the question was “ what constitute a perfect evening… well
For me a perfect evening or a perfect night can be as follows:

Location : anywhere by the sea (a chalet for instance..)
Atmosphere: peaceful, quiet place , chilly weather (hot drinks MUST be available).
Lighting: soft lighting, candle light will be charming.
Company: family or friends but I should have a space to be alone if I want…
Music: Piano pieces or soft music
Food: Lebanese is the most preferable.(open buffet with nothing but appetizers).
Equipments: boats mainly, and a camera.
Activities: walking by the beach, reading, talking if I am in the talkative mood or relaxing.
Duration: It can start from 6 or 7PM until dawn so that I can pray elfagr and go to sleep.
Forbidden items: TVs, cell phones, smoke, cars, noise of any sort, fights, quarrels.

You know what it’s not that easy answering this question and I am sure I haven’t mentioned a lot of things but I can’t recall them now… but just thinking about that perfect night has boosted my mood :).



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