Sunday, June 19, 2005

Words unsaid

Dear …

Here is a question.. where do the unsaid words go? And what is the reason behind having them captured and never let them go? Does that happen for a reason, meaning that it would affect us negatively in case they have been said or they could have generated problems …may be.
Let’s look closer, what would have happened if the taxi driver who was about to hit my car do if I yelled and blew out some steam ? what was going to happen when my neighbor told me that I shouldn’t park my car in the spot that I have used to park my car in and I didn’t push back or even defended myself and I spent an hour later trying to figure out what should I have said in this case.
Anyways that support the idea that it was for my best interest, but what about the bunch of thank you that have never been said, what about the greetings that have been avoided fearing that the recipient wouldn’t notice or too busy to answer back.
So I believe that I have reached a conclusion that only the good world should be said and never locked up and the bad one should be killed…mmm not very convincing.
I can claim that there have been some thoughtful words that have been said to the wrong or inconsiderate persons.
But to tell you the truth it’s better anyway to set those unsaid words free than to suffocate them and keep thinking what would have happened if they won’t have been said it’s worth trying everything that happen no matter bad or good turn out to be an experience just a little bit later and by the time become a lesson or may be a funny story that you would like to use in a chat …
You know what…talk the time you will take and the effort you will out in thinking and searching for the unsaid words can be used in sorting out the problem that may arise if the “said” words were irrelevant so you are not loosing.
Keep your mouth open so that it’ s not talking it can be perceived as a smile.



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