Sunday, June 19, 2005


Dear …

Stuck at work, can’t believe a person like me doesn’t have a window (a person who loves nature), surrounded by concrete and longing to see a piece of the sky.
I don’t think it’s coincidence that the majority of the universe is covered with water, more than 70% (Blue), or that the fact that whenever we look at the sky we see the blue color varying from dark to light reflecting all the colors and beams of light …
It’s a gift and a bless that god has created, that we can all have the rich as well as the poor even though sometimes we know that there can be much cleaner countries or more beautiful places, we all have the same sky , stars.
And that everyday comes as the sun rises and it will always rise as long as we are living and it’s all in god’s hands ,it’s a precious gift that we should appreciate .
I love the blue it’s peaceful, beautiful and very deep. I love it when I see the sky or the sea or any blue spot .. in a two dimension world (not real world) shapes sometimes can be viewed as containers of colors and there are the colors that matter ,shapes are much more complicated and they only exist in the real world but colors are simple, you can see them, feel them and appreciate them without even notice or voluntarily try to .
Bottom line Blue is my favorite color..



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