Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Who owns the truth

Only Allah owns and knows the truth. But what about our struggle to know it, our need or even curiosity. I believe we are meant to be truth seekers otherwise things would have been much easier to comprehend.

Everyone has his/her own truth .. set of beliefs and perceptions built over years and form glass shields/ boundaries, that an outsider can not see. Only the one behind them is obliged to see through or even imprisoned in them.

Getting a feeling every once in a while that something is wrong, or missing and wanting to know the truth no matter what. Can result in one of these two scenarios as I believe :

First one: Having enough strength and courage to head wherever I expect to find another deeper or different kind of truth.. .breaking the shields and then eventually a wider space can be created/revealed to be owned, the cycle continues to get bigger and the boundaries get farther. And though there will always be limitations… a bigger world with a wider, multi angled view will emerge.

Second scenario: the attempt ends when the point comes to cross the line, a feeling of intimidation and captivation inside the glass cell starts to grow. Some negative thoughts about not having the willingness to know anything further, having the arrogance of the needless state to know what others say or what actually is going on. Believing that being sheltered in such a cocoon of thoughts and preset ideas is safe and shouldn't be contaminated under any circumstances. And in some cases, it's the advance desperation that I am not strong enough to embrace this truth and defend it.

But this cocoon is not that safe . It's as if you are closing your eyes, ears, heart and mind, disabling your senses but guess what … a shocking truth can always know its way to that shelter, attack really bad causing the shield to devastate resulting in immersing exposure to what you were always hiding from.

Don't know if the truth is relative or it's just everything is ,much more sophisticated than what we think it is.

How do you expect me to tell the truth when nothing can be accurately described or fairly measured?
A plant that I can see as clearly green will never stay as green. The one whom I think is a saint is just a human and may/will make mistakes. A reliable favorite piece of furniture can get broken the next day. My side of the story is never the same as my opponent's. And much different that the whole story from an eyewitness or outsider's point of view.

Even my feelings and emotions not just change but are not understandable to even me. so asking a question related to them will give you a different answer every time you ask even if we assume that the answers were going the same direction all the way, still they vary in their extent.

What made me think of all that … well, I just found myself 28 asking so many questions, wondering about many things and I am seeking to take a glimpse of truth.


  • At 12:13 AM, Blogger Emory said…

    I came by way of Ahmed's blog. Your writing is wonderful.

    I think your first line "Only Allah owns the truth" has alot of merit. I call Allah, God, but I am sure they are the same. The same waves that break upon your beach, break upon mine, the same wind that catches your cheek, is the same wind that touches mine, and certanly the moon above our heads is also the same.

    I think Allah/God does not let us hold the truth, because it is such a heavy weight for us to beare. Afterall, if we all knew the absolute truth would this complicate our lives even more.

    I too believe we should always seek the truth, never decieving others or ourselves. I think for us truth is found in knowledge, and an thoughtful understanding of that knowledge.

    The search for truth through knowledge often takes us away from familiar paths, but leads to personal growth, and hopefully personal inner strength. So to your obervation #1 I think you are right on. Although I don't think there are limitations to knowlegde, truth or growth, at least I have not observed any.

    In your second scenerio I do believe there are truths that cannot be contaminated, because absolute truth is without blemish. Your religious beliefs perhaps, your love of family, and your comfortable place should always cocoon you, and give you inner strength and peace. Those things that are evident, and everlasting never controlling or hurtful, never leaving you with doubt. Those things should always cocoon you.

    Truth I think is relative to your knowlege of it. For thousands of years we thought the world was flat, and if you sailed to far you would fall of it. For them it was truth, without knowledge.

    Nesrina it is good to search for truth. It is good to live a truthful life, it is good that you have taken the time.

  • At 7:42 AM, Blogger Nesrina said…

    Thanks Emory and yes calling Allah or god is the same ... as long as in your heart you know you are calling your creator. In Islam there are 99 names plus Allah, take a look:
    I do believe too that it’s the land of god, we all share one universe, warmth of the sun and fate.
    And may be god made the universe that way (a sun sets at a part of the world to shine at the other) so that we feel there is no favorite land, spot, color or race.
    Bring things to their very prime nature and you will find that truth are easier to find.
    May be when they used to think that the earth is flat, apart from the fact that it’s not true, there has been evident, crystal type of truth).
    But our lives has become more complicated and the truth became less visible and the only way in this case is knowledge as you said.
    I would like to clarify something concerning the second scenario, I didn’t mean that the truth can be contaminated… I meant that some people refuse to see anything beyond what they already have in mind, the refusal to hear anything except what they believe in… as if it would contaminate their ideas (the truth from their own point of view).
    For me that is so weak, if anyone comes and talks to me about another idea or beliefs vs the ones I embrace. I won’t refuse … I know I am standing on a solid ground and I am not afraid to see what others believe in and that doesn’t mean that I will change my beliefs or principles but for me it’s a learning and enlightening experience. Or may be I was wrong, I am human. I just hope that people stop being judgmental and go look for the truth and If they happen to find thing … highlight it, it may make a difference in someone else’s life or just be civilized and accept differences and respect them.
    Don't know if you noticed or not the number of times I used "May be" in this comment, but I am really not sure... keep searching for the truth anyways 
    My salutes to my dear friends Ahmad as his blog brought you here.

  • At 8:54 AM, Blogger emlino said…

    I can't imagine how the things could be if the truth's perspective were the same for everyone… I guess the thing would be, certainly, much simpler but we will loose something that it is very important as well: the freedom to think different, to look by a different angle the same thins, the same facts, the realities.
    And it is based on this freedom that we can learn with each other. Seeing the truth, confronting different ideas that we believe that are truth and rich to a reasonable common perspective, all of this are parts of the growing, the knowledge process that we have to pass through.
    It is based on freedom, also, the respect to the different people that we all are. We share many things in this world life, material and immaterial but there are others that belong to our own individuality, and the truth is, for sure, one of them.
    So, it is natural that our sense of truth, sometimes, it is not the correct one and we must learn to respect and to grow with the correction of our point of view of the truth. We usually say around here that only donkeys don’t change. We must seek the truth sense with an open mind, but also with a freedom determination to defend what we believe. May be, this personality balance is the most difficult thing to manage.
    But the most important thing is to be true to our heart... when we do that, God knows which really are the true intentions of our acts, our feels, our entire soul and will be, for sure, at our side.

  • At 6:33 AM, Blogger Nesrina said…

    Hey Emlino,
    May be that's why ... truth do vary from one person to another according to different perceptive. but ultimately the truth is one solid factual truth owned by Allah.
    I still believe that we are meant to be seekers of the truth.
    Thanks my friend.


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