Saturday, August 05, 2006

Does that make my father a terrorist?

I guess I myself could be a terrorist too … how so? Well, let's begin with my father
He was a member of a big family, my grandfather was a military man and his brother was a pasha. He had four daughters and six sons including my dad.

On june 5th,1967 Israel attacked Egypt with no prior notification, one of my uncles was in the Egyptian Air force, his plane was targeted during the same year and he was killed.

My dad joined the Military Academy, he then graduated and got the chance to fight in 1973 war against the Israelis.

Does that make my father a terrorist?
He fought because it was his job, because it was a state of defense and to secure the lives we are having now.
It wasn't to revenge for his brother as he knew he is a martyr (shahid) … it's an honor to be one and because the martyr's in Islam is in heaven. (Here and here to develop a better understanding of the term and stop the confusion).

I asked him recently if he had captivated any of the opponent's army. He said yes … I asked did you hurt them? He said in an angry tone … they have tortured Egyptian captives. I then remembered a report I saw on Jazeera channel. And I knew that we didn't do the same otherwise where is their report.

Does that make my father a terrorist?
About the captives: Islam has limited killing the captives on the condition that they could cause harm and it has forbidden killing them in case they are women or children.

My father taught us since we were young to pray, fast, love everyone, help everyone, be truthful, honest and be companionate. he said that's how we should behave as Muslims. He has a beard and goes to the mosque to pray …
Does that make my father a terrorist?

My answer : no my father is not a terrorist, there are misconceptions that has to be explained so that we don't walk with the feeling that we are suspects just because we are Arabs and Muslims.

You know who are the terrorists : those who kill innocent people without a cause but hatred, thirst for blood … tearing families apart and ripping our hearts off alive.
They give lame excuses to the world … and try to twist the truth. But do you think there can be any excuse for killing children and women, for attacking a hospital, a factory, a school or a shelter at night. aren't they advanced enough so they can preciously locate their opponents.

The real terrorists are planting in vein their evil seeds in the souls of … those who watch the violent, ruthless acts committed against their families and loved ones and their hearts are being charged and saturated with hate that has once been love to the ones they lost with the overload of enduring the silence of all who know the truth and afraid to say a word and the other force that supports and approves the massacres and just don't get enough of the innocent people's misery … what else can make them stop, what else are they waiting for … new words are being taught to children "BOOM BOOM" when they hear the bombing and ask what that is, new scenes of dead bodies are being watched by mothers and little children scattered all around their neighborhood and on the roads. While some other words are disappearing like home, and may be mummy or daddy some of these children will hopefully have a home but being an orphan the other two words have departed for good.

Being a viewer of the daily painful tragedies …watching from a distance. I know from the bottom off my heart that … there is only one thing that we are living to see … peace.

My prayers now for peace.


  • At 11:58 PM, Blogger a h m a d said…

    They don't want us to be proud of the fighters in our nation. We will remain proud of everyone who fought against the zionists.

    The concept of "terrorism" is very screwed up. I read on a site,

    If you are an ally of USA,
    Terrorism becomes Self Defence

    If you are not an ally of USA,
    Self Defence becomes Terrorism.

  • At 6:10 AM, Blogger Nesrina said…

    They are defending and protecting us ... how can't we be proud of them.
    Terrorism and fighting terrorism ... flexible terms or causes that they give to the to attack a certain country .. it's sometimes combined with "weapons of mass destruction” like in Iraq - turned out there wasn't any... or "Sep 11" Afghanistan’s case and the next thing you know they attack civilians and claim they are being used by their own people as human shields... isn't that what they are still saying now ?

  • At 7:04 AM, Blogger Norm Shaw said…


    From an American I say to you...

    Your father is an honorable man, not a Terrorist. Your definition of terrorism is the same as mine. Anyone who kills innocents out of hatred is a Terrorist. Your father fought for a just cause and for his country and he should be honored along with your uncle.

    It is wrong to think that the USA thinks that self defence for those who are not our allies is terrorism. If you are at war with Israel then any Israeli soldier is your enemy (women and children are not).

    Bless you and yours and I hope we can find some peace.


  • At 6:11 AM, Blogger Nesrina said…

    I can't say enough to thank you.
    I do agree with you that civilians have nothing to do with war.
    A war is only justified in the battle field among military forces but when civilians are involved, the expected result is either defeat or resistance ...
    I just hope that the true definition of terrorism as we both understand prevail and most importantly, peace.
    Take care,


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